Forest Aflame

by Seas Of Winter

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"Forest Aflame is the most vital album of second-wave worshipping black metal to have been released in some time."
-The Sound Not The Word

"Composer Mike Snow relentlessly assails your senses with insistent, hypnotic riffs as vocalist Espi Kvlt just sounds like the primal agonized roar of living creatures being burned alive en masse; horrifically raging against whilst simultaneously providing a voice for all the ills of the world, dragging the terrors kicking and screaming into view, smashing them up to your face with your eyes ripped wide open so you can’t help but see."
-Black Metal Daily

"With a broad range of influences, incorporating everything from the crusty vibes of post-2005 Darkthrone through to more experimental and hypnotic extremity, Seas Of Winter’s take on the genre is refined and ruthlessly effective."
-Astral Noize

Love Metal | Hate Fascism


released March 6, 2020

Espi Kvlt - Vocals and Lyrics
Mike Snow - Music and Production


all rights reserved



Seas Of Winter

Antifascist Black Metal

Only climate change is real.

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Track Name: Life Eternal
I watch you in the sea.
You’re floating up as the ice surrounds me.
A swan takes flight, as the sun goes down.
The rising heat helps your body drown.
Your eyes spring open, your lips turning blue.
You reach out for me, and say, “I love you.”
I kneel beside you, your fingers in my hair.
You bring me visions of the earth’s despair.
“I must go now,” you whisper to me.
My tears fall down upon your cheek.
“Please stay with me,” I beg you.
“I can’t go on without you.”

I watch you in the sea.
You’re floating down as the heat surrounds me.
The forest is on fire, the trees are falling down.
The koala bears are screaming.
I’m praying I’ll drown.
The sky starts to tremble. The ground starts to shake.
Earth is facing the consequences of humanity’s mistakes.
My fingers dig into the earth, searching for your ghost.
I hear your voice inside my brain,
“I’m right here with you.”
Track Name: Placing The Blame: A Tribute To Our Corporate Leaders
From their castles in the sky, the lions are in wait.
Their plan is coming to fruition.
Gazelle will turn on one another, leaving a feast in their wake.
The smoke is rising up,
As the leader of the herd turns on the others,
a bloodbath.
Those to blame will never take responsibility

for the suffering they have caused.
They’ll stay in their castles, simply licking their paws,
waiting for the day when the gazelle will die off.

Then they will devour us all.
Track Name: The Rich Get Richer
Philanthropist, you call yourself,
as you sit upon your throne and watch the city burn.
A philanthropist who would lay waste to all
that dare question you
and the way in which you treat your workers.
A ticket to the stars.
None of this will truly impact you.
We are merely the ants,
and you can always buy another farm.
There will always be more workers.

When you look down at a cold rock
destroyed by fire and ice, what will you think?
When you see a planet
ravaged by avoidable destruction
will you lament on how you had the power to save it
and yet did nothing?
Will you send your thoughts and prayers
to all those left behind,
bearing the weight of your crimes against the planet?
Will you even glance back at all?
Will you ever think of us again?
The people who died so that you could live
guilt-free and remorseless?

$3182 every second. You could change the world.

But instead you clutch the wallet tighter,
relying on fossil fuels and your underpaid, mistreated workers
to make you even richer.
Fly high into space with your fingers in your ears
and a straw in a barrel of gas.
Destroy another planet.
Track Name: Only Climate Change Is Real
The apocalypse has been scheduled.
This is not a test.
This is our future.
This is the end.
The ice is melting.
The heat is rising.
The bears are dying.
This is the end.

Capitalism will kill us all.
Only climate change is real.
It’s fucking real.
Track Name: All Cats Are Beautiful
Only cowards fall in line to an authority built on hate and greed.
Serving your fascist dictator, as bodies drop in the streets.
The poor are only shields to toss aside, as you fire at unarmed black children
and cry about the dangers of being a squealing pig.

You rape women as proof of their deserved imprisonment.
Then you fake concern for the victims of sex trafficking.
You’re nothing but a trigger-happy, murderous, hypocrite.
You’d rather shoot down lives than protect the unprotected.
Insured jewelry will always mean more to you than lives.

You’re spineless, little cowards who cut down the innocent.
Throw your badge in the street.
Throw your gun on the ground.
Throw your uniform in the fire.
Or become part of it

The fires burn.
The smoke rises.
You’re screaming out.
No one’s listening now.
Black flames as a symbol for all the evil you have brought.
Your badge melts in the blaze as your bones turn to ash
and your eyes rolls back, revealing that you were always
just a human, like the rest of us.
Squabbling amongst the other mortals,
though you thought of yourself
as a god of life and death.
Your name now becomes meaningless.

All cats are beautiful.
Track Name: Seeking Solace In Hopelessness
Fires dropped from the sky loom upon the horizon
as the flames already on earth rage on with no sign of stopping.
There is no end to this, only new beginnings.
A new war, the hottest month on record,
half a billion animals senselessly killed.
And for what?
The dick measuring contest carries on among our “leaders”
as profit margins mean more to corporations than the planet.
The kids in cages are crying, the ice is melting,
and the drones are flying up again.
There will be no justice.

No one will hear our desperate pleas and save us from this Hell world.
We will be trapped here until we all die in a blaze
clutching our charred up hands to our rotting chests.
The earth will turn stone cold,
a mere memory
to the seas of winter.
Track Name: Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, Age 16
Abolish ICE.

Say his name.
Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez.
16 years old.
Cause of death: the flu.
Cause of death: ICE.
Cause of death: Donald fucking Trump.
How many children have to die
before these injustices are seen
for what they truly are?
Sentenced to die
in a cold cell
with only aluminum
and cramped bodies
to keep them warm.
Call them what they fucking are.
Concentration camps.

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