Dead Forest

by Seas Of Winter

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Sarah Ouhida
Sarah Ouhida thumbnail
Sarah Ouhida I finally got to purchase this (i am so late Espi ilysm tho!) and this entire EP is amazing from start to finish. Pelle has been the track I listened to the most (i have listened to it a lot before finally getting it) and it’s the track that truly sets this project as one to keep watching and I cannot wait for the full length in a couple months ! Favorite track: Pelle.
𐀯𐀵𐀡𐀴𐀛𐀊 thumbnail
𐀯𐀵𐀡𐀴𐀛𐀊 Espi truly channels Pelle, not only in this track but the entire release, which is amazing as they've apparently only very recently started doing black metal vocals! Definitely a great debut release! Favorite track: Pelle.
sawtongue thumbnail
sawtongue This first effort is haunting. The vocals make me feel like I am watching a ritual I should not be, while the blistering riffs feel directed at me in particular. Spectacular. Favorite track: We Do Not Deserve Her.
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Dedicated to the memory of Pelle Ohlin and the desire to stop climate change before it destroys us all.

A limited number of tapes will be available from Akashic Envoy Records on October 12th.

"Anarchic, furious, and quite exciting."
- Astral Noize

"If you dig that real old school black metal sound this one is for you."
- Toilet Ov Hell

Love Metal | Hate Fascism


released October 12, 2019

Espi Kvlt - Vocals and Lyrics
Mike Snow - Music and Production

Album Art:

Charles-Fortunat-Paul-Casimir Perier (French, 1812 - 1897)
[Forest and wood pile], 1850–1865, Albumen silver print
23.2 × 27 cm (9 1/8 × 10 5/8 in.), 84.XM.350.24
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles


all rights reserved



Seas Of Winter

Antifascist Black Metal

Only climate change is real.

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Track Name: Pelle
Haunted by your shadow,
walking through moonlight.
Your voice radiates through me.
You fill my soul up with your being.
My lungs collapse beneath the weight
of your words.
The sky turns red with your blood.
I feel your soul rush through me.
A star collides into my chest.
My ribs spread open from your kiss.
I feel you inside me.
Your ghost haunts my body.
Your darkness surrounds me.
You are one with me.
You are one with me.
You are one with me.

Your phantom,
you haunt me.
I feel you,
Your shadow.
Run through me.
Don't leave me.
Haunt my soul
Track Name: The Haunted Earth
There are ghosts in the attic.
There are ghosts in the walls.
There are ghosts in the cellar.
And they're calling me home.

Ghosts are haunting my body,
cutting open my lungs.
Liquid's spilling out on the pavement.
Worms arise to eat my bones.
Phantom gods cry out for more,
but I have given them my last drop.
Nothing will satisfy the hearts of man.
Especially not those who become gods.
Wanting, craving, needing, weeping.
Desire encompasses their every thought.
They will fall back to the earth.
And what will become of us when they're gone?
When they're gone.
Track Name: A Hot Swan Song Into The Cold Winter's Bone Of Death
The sun is bursting open
revealing her wings.
Your shadow hollows out my heart,
igniting my body.
Formations of my flesh
take flight towards the stars.
Ghosts are spitting embers
as the night surrounds us.

This isn't a dream.
You're here with me.
As the universe ends and nightmares
scream for reprieve.

My vacant eyes cry out for death,
but I cannot leave earth yet.
As my melted bones return to the ground,
I know that the truth must be found.
The truth that is hidden inside us all.
There we will see why the phantoms call.

The age of mortals comes to an end
as the fate of earth seals her debts.
Once she falls into blinding rage,
we will see why the summers fade.
For now, I hold onto you, my love.
Her passion for death made you a god.
We'll mix into the dirt and be eaten by the worms,
as our bodies fuse into each other's words.
The two of us have conquered death,
and through the heat take our last breaths.
Track Name: This Is Just A Dream, And Soon I Will Awake
Stay here with me
one more night.
I feel your heartbeat
in my mind.
I'm drowning in sorrow.
I'm biting on my tongue,
hoping the pain
will bring you home.
Your last words are
etched into my veins.
This is just a dream,
and soon I will awake.
I can't find the spell to
bring you back.
So instead I sit and pray for
a heart attack.

Stay here with me
one last time.
I can't go on
without your light.
Your final photo
is haunting my brain,
and all I want it to see
you smile again.
I've thought of every way
to bring you back.
I'd do anything
just to hear you laugh.
For now I'll wait
until the end of the world
where our souls will meet
as the earth turns cold.

Please stay with me.
Don't forsake me.
This is just a dream,
and soon I will awake.
Track Name: We Do Not Deserve Her
The daylight cuts my skin.
Flesh of ancestors melt my bones.
Ashes fall down like poison,
boring into my lungs.
The morning sky falls to the earth.
The festering of my mortal marrow.
It's tearing open beneath the sun.
The stars are screaming out,
"Where do we belong?"

Manifestations of my darkest nightmare.
The earth cries into my mouth,
"What will save us now?"

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